At the February 14, 2007 Resort meeting, the Resort Board approved a contract with the Monroe County Road Commission to participate in the three-lane paving project of N. Dixie from Detroit Beach to Stony Creek.  The total cost of this project is an estimated 2 million dollars with the Monroe County Road Commission and Frenchtown Charter Township along with Federal Aid sharing approximately 1.7 million.  The Resort share is $420,000 with $300,000 towards the paving and $120,000 towards curbing at 17 private association entrances within the project.  This project is slated to be completed in the summer of 2008.



The rebuilding of a 3 lane road on N. Dixie Hwy from Detroit Beach to Stony Creek has been bid out and a contract was awarded.  The Resort District Authority share has been reduced by $79,000.  Therefore the new figure for the Resort District share is $341,000, which the Resort Board approved at the May 14,2008 meeting.  Work is expected to start after Memorial Day with completion this fall.


Crack Sealing and Patch Paving 3/27/09

A contract was awarded to Midwest Paving Contractors, Inc. to repair shoulders of roads, pavement repairs and crack sealing.  All shoulder repairs and spot paving have been completed.  All associations were completed with the exception of the Stony Pointe area, due to weather conditions.  This area will be completed in May 2009.  The estimated cost of this project is approximately $160,000.


N. Dixie Hwy Project 3/27/09

The rebuilding of N. Dixie Hwy from Detroit Beach to Stony Creek has been completed with the exception of a few minor clean up issues that will be addressed in the spring of 2009.  The Resort paid to install 17 curb cuts where private roads intersect with N. Dixie Hwy at an estimated cost of $120,000.  Also, we made a contribution for the reconstruction of the road.  As of this date, the Resort's total cost is $338,850.68.



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