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The purpose of this letter is to inform the citizens of the Resort District as to what the Resort Board is trying to accomplish regarding flood protection.  The levels of Lake Erie are now on the low side but it is projected to be on the rise in the future and to make repairs when there are high waters will be more costly.  Since the Resort was created, they have spent well over 30 million dollars on roads, drainage systems, and pump stations.  By exploring the flood protection system, it is protecting our investments into the previous projects that were completed.

There are three different types of flood protection in the Resort area.  Detroit Beach is covered in what is called the advanced measures.  This is an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers and Frenchtown Charter Township.  This system was built with Federal and local monies.  Any maintenance performed is paid by the residents of Detroit Beach.  The second system is a section of clay berms which serve to protect the back waters.  These clay berms are located in State Park Subdivision, Brest Bay Grove, along with a section of Pointe Aux Peaux Road, Dewey's Association, and Stony Pointe Beach.  Most of  these areas are in need of repair.  The third area is fronting Lake Erie which has a number of different structures, in which numerous areas are in need of repairs.

The Resort Board has been looking into a project dealing with flood protection along the water ways of the Resort District.  In the year 2002, a comprehensive study was performed by Mannik & Smith Engineers of ever parcel along the shoreline of the Resort District.  This study identified a number of deficiencies of the dikes.  After some lengthy discussion, it was decided by the board to look at an overall project.  The board had discussed current and future lake levels, exploring the possibility of grant monies financing, and different options on types of walls and construction methods.

The Resort has met with the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Environmental Quality, and various government agencies to discuss this proposal and how to proceed.  The board has directed the engineers to prepare a conceptual plan to present to the Army Corps of Engineers for review.  This plan would consist of a proposed line where we would like to install flood protection.  After taking comments from the Army Corps of Engineers, the engineer would then draft a preliminary plan showing in more detail of the proposed project.  If the Resort Board is comfortable with the preliminary plans, they will then hold a series of meeting with the public to take comments of the proposed project.  After these meeting, the board can make a determination if they wish to continue with the project.  If they choose to proceed, the engineers will prepare final plans for approval by all agencies and bid the project out.

At this time there are no preliminary plans.


Update to Flood Protection 12/06

In November 2006 the Resort Board entered into a contract with Mannik & Smith to develop plans and secure easements for the rehabilitations of the clay berms that protect the back water.  In December 2006 the Resort Board entered into a contract with Nativescape to seek a possible grant for the project.

It is the Resort's goal to have a plan in place for a 2007 project, if all necessary permits are approved and a grant is secured.


Update to Flood Protection 1/16/07

At the January 10, 2007 board meeting, Mannik & Smith presented a preliminary Flood Protection Plan for the Lake Erie Shoreline from Grand Beach to Stony Pointe Peninsula.  This preliminary plan outlines the areas that would require total wall replacement, partial replacement, and no work needed.  The Board has accepted this preliminary plan at this point and will proceed to submit this plan to the various agencies for their comments.  The next step for the Resort Board will be to provide a plan to present to the public to gather comments before we proceed.  The Army Corps of Engineers is studying the possibility of replacing the steel walls in Detroit Beach, which is covered under the advance measures agreement.  The Army Corps of Engineers will be doing some soil borings along the steel wall sometime this year.

The preliminary plans are available at the office for anyone to come in and look at.


Update to Flood Protection 2/14/07

At the February 14, 2007 Resort meeting, the board discussed a communication plan regarding the proposed dike rehabilitation project.  The communication plan recommends four meetings with the residents of the Resort District and one meeting with the officers of all the associations, which will be held in February 2007.  The last 4 meetings will be broken down into four separate districts: #1) Erie Shores, Indian Trails, and Baycrest; #2) Woodland Beach and Grand Beach; #3) Stony Pointe area; and #4) Burke and Walker drain area.  These meeting dates will be set at the March 14, 2007 Resort Board meeting and will be posted on the website.

Update to Flood Protection 3/19/07

At the March 14, 2007 Resort board meeting, the board set up four (4) public hearings to discuss a proposed preliminary shoreline protection plan.  The area involved will be from Grand Beach to the Stony Pointe area.  This area will be divided into 4 zones.  They are as follows:

Monday, April 16, 2007 – Zone 2, which is residents of Baycrest, Indian Trails, and Erie Shores.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 – Zone 1, which is residents of Woodland Beach and Grand Beach.

Monday, April 23, 2007 – Zone 3, which is residents of Brest Bay Grove and Burke Road area.

Thursday, April 26, 2007 – Zone 4, which is residents of the Stony Pointe area.

All meetings will be held at the Frenchtown Charter Township hall at 7:00 pm.

Residents of Detroit Beach fall under a different proposal, which the Resort and the Army Corp of Engineers have been working on.  The Army Corp of Engineers is proposing to upgrade the present system that is in place.  They are in the process of performing soil borings in which a plan and estimate of cost will be provided.

Flood Protection Update 5/24/07 

In the month of April 2007, four public hearing were held at the Township Hall regarding a proposed flood protection plan.  The area from Grand Beach to Stony Pointe was divided into four zones. 

At each hearing an information sheet was passed out and minutes were taken, which will be posted on the website.

Mannik & Smith reviewed the information sheet and then gave a power point presentation on the proposed project, along with proposed details for each parcel section.  A number of questions were asked which are in the minutes of each hearing. 

Mannik & Smith will prepare a final report which will include the areas from Grand Beach to Long Road Subdivision for the next Resort meeting.  After the Resort Board studies the report, they will make a decision as to whether they wish to proceed.

Flood Protection Update 9/2007

The Resort Board recommended a flood protection ordinance and Engineering Standards to the Frenchtown Charter Township for consideration of adoption.  Both were approved by the Township Board.  Copies will be posted on the website.   

Also, the Resort board adopted a policy that deals with the proposed wall replacement project.  This policy will also be posted on the website. 

After reviewing all the written and oral comments from the public hearings, the Board decided that they wanted to proceed with the flood control project.  An Add Hoc Committee was formed to review each parcel to see if the present dike was up to the new standards of the newly adopted flood control ordinance and at the proper elevation.  Also what amenities were present such as steps, patios, and boat divots and if the wall needs repairs, replacement or no work.  A recommendation will be given to the Resort Board then passed on to the Engineers.  They will then prepare a preliminary plan and meet with small groups of homeowners to explain the type of work to be performed, if any.  It will be explained that the Resort will pay for the repair or replacement in exchange for a temporary construction easement.  This will be a one time offer.  If the homeowner refuses to participate in the program, no further action will be taken.  Homeowners should be aware that in the event that your walls should need repairs to conform with the newly adopted flood ordinance, it will be your responsibility to make such repairs.

Clay Berm Update 3/27/09

The Resort board has undertaken the task of rebuilding the clay berms located in State Park Subdivision, Brest Bay Grove, Dewey's and Stony Pointe Beach.  This project will provide flood protection to these area from the back waters of Lake Erie.  This project is about 70% complete, with a completion date of spring 2009.  The estimated cost of this project is $600,000.

Flood Protection Plan Update 3/31/09 

The AdHoc Committee has completed their walk thru of all four zones, making recommendations to prepare preliminary plans.  Throughout the year of 2008, meetings were held with small groups of shoreline homeowners to present preliminary plans and secure temporary construction easements.  These meetings were held for zones 1, 2 and 3.  Zone 4 will be held at a later date.  An engineering estimate was prepared for all four zones.  The approximate cost was 23 million.  

Meetings were held with the bond people to set up financing for the project.  It was learned that the Resort could not bond for the total amount.  Also, a meeting was held with a local bank and was informed that short term loans were available.  

All of the above information was presented to the Resort board along with a number of options for the board to consider.  After much discussion, the board chose to proceed with zone 1, from Grand Beach to Stoney Creek, using precast concrete wall panels with galvanized “H” beams set on 8 foot centers, boring 30” diameter hole well below frost line and set in concrete.  Panels would be buried approximately 4 feet below ground level.  

We have secured over 90% of the needed construction easements and also have the permit from the DEQ to perform necessary work.  The engineering estimate for zone 1 is 5 million.  Engineers were directed to prepare final plans, submit plan to all residents in zone 1 and after bids are received the board will review cost and possibly award contract to proceed with work.  The key to proceed with zone 1 is the cost of this project is held around 5 million.  This is the amount that the board has in reserve.   

Bids will be presented to the board in June or July for final consideration.  If the board proceeds with the project, construction would start sometime in August or September 2009 with completion in 2010.  Also, when bids are received for zone 1, the board has requested that the Director present a master plan of cost and time table to proceed with zones 2, 3 and 4.

Detroit Beach Flood Protection Update 3/31/09

 A meeting was held in the early part of 2008 with the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the upgrade of flood protection in Detroit Beach.  Preliminary plans along with estimated cost and necessary easements where discussed.  The total packet of information was forwarded to the Army Corps of Engineers headquarters for comments.  It is expected that comments will be returned in the later part of this year.   

The estimated cost of this upgrade is approximately 8 million, with the federal government share approximately 5 million and the local share of approximately 3 million.  If the federal government approves this project, an agreement will be presented to the Resort board to consider proceeding.

Update 4/1/10

In December 2009, the final permit was secured from the ACOE for proposed work along Lake Erie in Zone 1 (Grand Beach to Stony Creek).  In January 2010, final site plans were sent out to all parcel owners in Zone 1 for final comments.  All concerns were addressed.  Bid specs were prepared and were to be opened on February 26, 2010.   

There were a total of seven (7) contractors bidding on the project.  At the march 10, 2010 Resort District Board meeting, bids were reviewed and a contract was awarded to Posen Construction in the amount of $5,051,196.81 which was the lowest bidder.  The board also approved a proposed budget for this project which is as follows: 

            Posen Construction                              $5,051,196.81

            5% Contingency Fund                          $   252,560.00

            Construction Management (M&S)      $   398,340.00 (includes video of entire project)

             Soil Erosion Permit                             $       1,500.00

            Total Estimated Cost                           $5,703,596.81  

On March 29, 2010, a pre-construction meeting was held.  It is anticipated that work will commence in April or May of this year with a completion date of May 2011.



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